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Hospitality Furniture > Table Tops > Werzalit by Gentas Table Tops

Werzalit by Gentas Table Tops

These table tops are manufactured in Turkey by Gentas, using the renown resin moulding process. Available in a select range of sizes and finishes, these tops are durable, weatherproof, inexpensive and attractive.

The foundation of each Gentas table top is a mix of quality hardwoods and softwoods, kiln-dried and blended with synthetic resins as well as anti rot and anti moisture agents. This mixture is compressed at 140C under high pressure before the hardwearing and decorative layers are applied and inseparably moulded together.

This method produces high quality table tops which are seamless, hygienic, functional and suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

It is advisable to select light finishes for use in direct sunlight conditions. Dark colours used in direct sunlight heat up and become hot. They also can warp.This is not a product fault andcannot be claimed under warranty.

Werzalit Table Top 1400x800mm
Werzalit Table Top 340mm Dia.
Werzalit Table Top 600mm Dia.
Werzalit Table Top 600x600mm
Werzalit Table Top 700mm Dia.
Werzalit Table Top 700x700mm
Werzalit Table Top 800mm Dia.
Werzalit Table Top 800x800mm